What We Do

What do Freemasons do?

Freemasons strive to be good citizens, to practice the highest moral and social standards, and to be men of friendship, charitable disposition, and integrity. It is often said that Freemasonry makes good men better.

The ritual is a shared experience, which binds the members together. Its use of drama and lectures impresses the principles and teachings more firmly in the mind of each candidate than if they were simply passed on to him in matter-of-fact modern language.

Who can be a Freemason?

Any man who is at least 21 years of age, is law-abiding, of good character and believes in a Supreme Being, can become a Freemason. The order is not restricted, it is open to all men of all faiths.

What happens at a Lodge meeting?

There is some administration to attend to such as minutes of the last meeting, financial matters (subscriptions and expenditure), dealing with correspondence. The ceremonies for making and progressing new Masons take up most of the time, but not at every meeting. We sometimes have inspirational and educational lectures to enhance our knowledge of both Freemasonay and other relevant topics.

How much does it cost to become a Freemason? 

On entry, there is an initiation fee and an annual subscription which covers membership and the administration costs of running the Lodge. The optional meal after the meeting is paid for at the time. There is also a charity collection at every meeting. For more details on costs please click here.