Recent Members' Feedback

If you are interested in joining the Forest of Galtres Lodge, or wonder what it's like to become a Freemason, we asked two recently joined members to share their experiences:

  • Derek McLuckie (member since 2011)
  • David Agar (member since 2010)


'Freemasonry – a new experience' by Derek McLuckie

I have been a freemason and a member of the Forest of Galtres Lodge for about 8 years.

I already had a good group of friends and many interests, but as I approached retirement I was looking for something useful to do and a way of widening my social circle. One part of my work had been raising funds for various charities and I wanted to continue doing this if possible.

After learning a bit about freemasonry from an old school friend, I approached a local member to express an interest in joining. I was impressed with the rigour of the process, which has to be a two way thing. The lodge management team took the time to meet with me in an informal atmosphere (over a beer) to make sure that I understood what it means to be a mason and to find out more about me.

I was pleased to find that importance was placed on issues such as integrity, morality and truth, but also on friendship and social events. I was drawn by the fact that members call each other “brother” and genuinely care for each other’s welfare, including those who through infirmity are no longer able to attend meetings and the wives and widows of masons. But as well as caring for their own, masons provide enormous support to a wide range of local, national and international charities. All this is done without placing an undue burden on members’ pockets.

Our lodge meets just eight times a year, but there are opportunities to visit other lodges in the area if you so wish. There is also an excellent programme of social events so that wives can also make new friends. Each year normally includes a ladies dinner, Burns Night supper, barbeque, Sunday lunch, and a Christmas drinks party.

At each meeting I learn more about the ceremony and the procedures of Freemasonry so that I can become a more useful member of the Lodge. I have been made welcome and to feel part of a very worthwhile organisation.

I truly wish that I had joined earlier.


'My time as a Mason' by David Agar 

I’ve been a Freemason for 9 years now and very pleased that I joined.

Although I was aware of Freemasonry and had known a couple of Masons through the years, I’d never thought of joining and didn’t really know anything about them.

It was purely by chance (in fact a suggestion from my mother-in-law!) that I got around to thinking about it, and met with a couple of Masons from the local Lodge. They explained about Freemasonry in lay terms and it sounded appealing – the chance to support charitable works whilst enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded, morally driven individuals from all walks of life.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my progression through Freemasonry, and in particular the atmosphere at the Forest of Galtres Lodge. It is far from ‘stuffy’, always good humoured, whilst being unified for the common good. The meetings and occasional socials are not onerous, and you can dip in and out as you wish. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time here.




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